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I’m the creator of Aussie Kids Freebies and a work-at-home mum of four. I have been a long-term avid freebie hunter since my teenage years and have explored just about every freebie site available on the Australian market. During different stages of my life, I’ve used my ‘hobby’ of collecting freebies for different purposes. As a teen, it was primarily the novelty factor that drew me into this hobby. As a young adult, it was definitely the money-saving factor and as an adult who is now a little older and less broke all the time, I enjoy freebies for the ‘try before you buy’ factor. During each of my pregnancies, I was most active on freebie sites (probably due to the nesting instinct) and it meant that – for the first few months of each of my children’s lives – I didn’t have to buy baby wash, baby lotion, nappy rash cream and a few other items… That’s how effective freebie hunting can be!

As my family grew, my older children started showing an interest in freebies, as trips to the letter box very often meant a new little surprise parcel they could open. They started asking me if there were freebies that they could have too – and there is! Plenty! I realised though, that it took way too much time to hunt through all the freebies sites and trawl through search engines looking for kid-specific items and I wondered why there was a lack of kids freebies sites for Aussies. Then it came to me – why not start my own site? I have a background in web building and writing, and I love freebies, so this just seemed like a natural progression.

The difference between us and most other freebies sites is that we only list sites that send products to Aussies, and 99.9% of those sites will be Australian, with only a few key international sites that provide quality samples (or services) to the Aussie market. We will also never list those horrible sites that tell you you’ll get a free product… but only if you sign up for this, download that, click on this, join that, then send money to this address. We will list some freebies that require a purchase (such as sites that offer money or % off coupons, or buy one, get one free etc.), but you will always know before clicking through whether or not you need to make a purchase, as we will list them as ‘Free Sample with Purchase’ or similar.

 We are very conscious of our younger audience, so we wouldn’t list anything in the kids or teens sections that we wouldn’t want our own kids providing their details to. Similarly, we will never add anything to our website that we feel is unsuitable for children to see. Finally, we will never, ever, ever sell your details to anyone – no matter what. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee the same for sites you may click through to; however, we strive to only ever list reputable, quality sites who would be unlikely to do something like that

While running Aussie Kids Freebies obviously won’t make my own freebie hunting any easier, I hope it makes it a little easier for you to find the kids, teens, babies and parents freebies you’re after and brings a smile to your face next time you check your letter box. Enjoy!


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